About Verdel

Verdel are an award winning, mass spectrometry start-up revolutionising multi-dimensional mass spectrometry

The analytical questions of the future will require increasingly sophisticated techniques to answer them. Existing analytical procedures are reliant on liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to separate and identify analytes. However, they can struggle to conclusively identify chemically similar analytes in complex samples.

At Verdel, we have developed total correlation (TOC) mass spectrometry, a revolutionary technique for rapid, comprehensive, data independent analysis on a time of flight instrument.

The people behind Verdel

Founded in 2019, Verdel began as a spinout from the University of Warwick’s FT-ICR mass spectrometry lab, spearheaded by Prof. Peter O’Connor and Dr. Maria van Agthoven. Since then, Verdel has grown from three people, to multi-disciplinary team of over a dozen employees based in Surrey. Together, we have extensive experience of mass spectrometry and vacuum systems including instrument design, manufacture and analysis. 

At Verdel we are all united in our belief that total correlation mass spectrometry is a revolutionary technique and are excited to bring this technology to life.

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Our awards

In 2022 we were delighted to be winners of the Analytical Scientist’s innovation awards, appearing alongside other leading instrument manufacturers as one of the best analytical technologies of the year. The judges recognised total correlation mass spectrometry as “a novel approach to data independent analysis with MS/MS. This is essential for metabolite identification and especially lipids”. 

However, there has been a lot of interest in Verdel right from our inception. In 2019 we were finalists in Royal Society of Chemistry’s emerging technologies competition, which recognises ground breaking and disruptive chemical technologies.


“This is essential for metabolite identification and especially lipids”

The Analytical Scientist

“TOC-MS will allow us to go from lipid species to specific lipid structures”

“TOC-MS is THE solution for complex mixtures”

“It can be days or weeks quicker to get result with TOC-MS”