Less Chromatography More Mass Spectrometry

Benefits 1/5

Data independent analysis 

The ability to analyse everything in a complex sample with a single injection, without needing to know anything about it before you begin. 

Benefits 2/5

Full MS/MS information with chromatography or quadrupoles

Reducing method development makes it easier to analyse new and varied samples with a single instrument

Benefits 3/5

MS and MS/MS information together in a single plot

Easy visualisation of products and precursors with Verdel’s data processing software, including products shared by multiple precursors to rapidly identify structurally related analytes. 

Benefits 4/5

Retrospective data analysis

Interrogate a data set again and again without the need for costly reanalysis or sample storage. 

Benefits 5/5

Flexible fragmentation with either CID or UVPD

Compatibility with multiple fragmentation techniques allows users access to unique or uncommon fragmentation pathways to create more structurally informative product ions

The easy choice for your lab


1 mDa mass accuracy at any mass


Save £5000 year-1 on LC solvents and consumables

72 HRS

Upgrade an existing instrument in-situ in only three days

We are Verdel instruments, a company devoted to bringing multi-dimensional mass spectrometry to time of flight mass spectrometers. At Verdel, we have developed total correlation mass spectrometry (TOC-MS), a new methodology that puts mass spectrometry first to generate MS/MS data for every analyte in a complex mixture.

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“This is essential for metabolite identification and especially lipids”

The Analytical Scientist

“TOC-MS is THE solution for complex mixtures”

“It can be days or weeks quicker to get result with TOC-MS”

“TOC-MS will allow us to go from lipid species to specific lipid structures”

See how it works

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The Verdel mass spec upgrade kit

Verdel instruments have developed total correlation (TOC) mass spectrometry, which works by controlling how precursor ions are fragmented using stored waveform ion radius modulation (SWIM).  SWIM effectively allows us to separate all ions by their mass to charge ratio, which causes products and precursors to be intrinsically linked including products originating from multiple precursors. 

TOC mass spectrometry can be added to any quadrupole-time of flight instrument using a Verdel upgrade kit. The upgrade can be performed in-situ, is completely reversible and can include additional modifications to allow users to perform ultraviolet photodissociation.

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Our data

The final TOC mass spectrometry data set can be plotted in three dimensions. As demonstrated in the “see how it works” video above, the x-axis contains high resolution data from the time of flight instrument. The y-axis shows the “precursor mass”, which is determined by the interaction of our precursor ions with the applied SWIM pulses. The z-axis is the signal intensity as measured by the time of flight.

When analysing data we often plot the results as a contour as shown in the image on the right. From the contour plot we can extract out traditional, two dimensional mass spectra, which will show all of the products associated with a specified precursor or vice-versa. In this contour we can see several key TOC mass spectrometry features, such as the precursor line and some clear fragment lines. 

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